Sharon Lask Munson is an award-winning Oregon poet.   Her work is widely published in many anthologies and journals.  Her most recent publications include Poetica Magazine, Punkin House Digest, Popshot,  Modcloth, The New Verse News, Goose River Anthology, Earth’s Daughters, Drash: Northwest Mosiac, and the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan.

Sharon's most recent book of poems, That Certain Blue, was published by Blue Light Press, 2011.


Just published:

"To an Anchorage schoolyard invaded by a bull moose.  To a spot at Lord Rothschild’s tea table.  To the uncharted, unfathomable territory of an aging mother’s dementia.   With lively wit and an eye for striking imagery, Sharon Lask Munson takes us all over this world and through generations of family history and lore.  Her poems invite us into both macrocosm and microcosm—that place in which 'Earth rotates on its axis/ and a vine maple drops its last red leaf.' "
– Paulann Petersen
Oregon Poet Laureate

Featured poem:

First Street Elementary

Early September.
The children enter, toting
stiff new book bags
filled with lined notebooks,
number two yellow pencils,
boxes of sharp crayons.

How earnest they are
scrubbed and combed,
their clean new sneakers
as they trek down
brightly lit hallways.

And all through the morning
mothers, at home,
move through silent rooms,

That Certain Blue

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